First shown: Autumn 1999

1. Desperately Seeking Squeaky
The gang move in to the Hotel. Richard and Liana help Sooty and his chums solve mice problems as they try to prepare for guests.
2. The Hottest Place In Town
Preparations for the opening night party aren't going too well - there are no invitations, no guests, the uniforms are wrong, and a difficult customer is convinced that the place is on fire.
3. Water, Water Everywhere
Stormy weather, a flooded cellar and a leaky sprinkler mean plenty of water in the hotel. Sweep does his best to make matters worse.
4. The Best of Health
5. Hidden Treasure
Is Richard's great find really long-lost treasure, or are Sooty and Scampi playing tricks?
6. Friends and Romans
Sooty and Co. have to deal with a missing antique bracelet, a Roman chariot race and a pillow fight.
7. Battle of the Bands
The boys challenge the girls to produce a song that will entertain the guests. Fortunately for the girls, pop band Cleopatra are on hand to assist.
8. The Great Supremo
Richard wants to impress a visiting magician, but he has to reckon with Scampi's home-made vacuum cleaner and Sweep's cake-making skills.
9. Jumble
Sooty and his friends must recover a jumper and a painting that they donated to a jumble sale, thinking that the items were unwanted.
10. Fast Food
Sooty and his friends decide to offer a pizza delivery service with a difference.
11. Bumps in the Night
Strange noises disturb the hotel on a dark and stormy night. Is it a ghost or Sweep making cocoa?
12. Double-O Sooty
Inspired by a visiting film crew, Sooty and chums decide to make their own movie. But Sweep is in charge of stunts.
13. A Christmas Carrot
Sooty and his friends decide Richard is being a bit of a misery at Christmas, and conjure up a ghostly idea to make him change his plans.


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